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We are a dynamic young company specialized in design & production of garden and home products. Guided by the motto "Design for the Planet," our patent protected products are designed in order to reduce the overall environmental impact. In addition to the innovative design, our products are solely made using recycled materials. Our products are made in partnership with Strazaplastika, a manufacturer and distributor of plastic goods with over 50 years of experience. Keira watering can is the first and only 5L and 10L stackable watering can in the world. The design concept enables easy transportation, storage and positioning inside stores. Our low footprint enables great savings in space, making it extremely competitive. Keira innovative products are result of knowledge and experience of world-renowned designer Igor Juric , creator of the first Croatian electric car and owner of several international patents. The Keira family of products will not stop at watering cans. We are currently working on introducing new attractive garden products that will catch the attention of consumers.
Walking through a garden center in Europe, designer Igor Juric, noticed the vast floor & shelf space a simple garden can took. “If it takes this much space in the store, it takes an equal amount of space in a truck or a boat–how wasteful.” Igor decided to create a garden product that would be useful, beautifully designed–the cutting edge of modern design and most importantly eco-friendly. Hello Keira. Dedicated to a greener planet, Igor has designed Croatia’s first electric car and holds several international patents.
Countries United Kingdom France Belgium The Netherlands Finland Sweden Norway Denmark Luxembourg Italy Russia Spain Portugal Ucraine Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Ireland
Kristijan Burek Sales Manager Address: Sabero d.o.o. Dalmatinska 27 10410 Velika Gorica (Zagreb) Croatia T:+385 1 6222 454 F:+385 1 6222 454 M:+385 98 9959 180
Address: KEIRA d.o.o. Kanalski put 1, 10000 Zagreb Kroatien tel:+385 1 8887 999 fax:+385 1 77 87 871 gsm:+385 91 20 30 990
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KEIRA WORLD Igor Juric Geschäftsführer / Direktor
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1 Liter / 0.26 Gallon / 1 Cardboard Box - 60 pcs
2 Liter / 0.52 Gallon / 1 Cardboard Box - 24 pcs
5 Liter / 1.3 Gallon / 1 Cardboard Box - 14 pcs
10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon / 1 Cardboard Box - 8 pcs
Color: canal blue / green / white
Sizes / Packaging:
Material: PP Virgin / made in Germany
Recycable: 100%
BPA: Free Food contact
720 Pieces / Pallet
KEIRA Watering Can
KEIRA s business www igor
KEIRA Watering Can
KEIRA Flower Pot
2 L
5 L
10 L
5 L
100 ml
1 2 0 P i e c e s / Box 2 9 , 8 K g S t a c k
4 5 6 P i e c e s, P a l l e t e / B o x 1 9 K g S t a c k
200 P i e c e s, P a l l e t e / B o x 2 1 , 2 5 K g S t a c k
1 L
60 P i e c e s / Box 2 9 , 8 K g S t a c k
0.26 Gallon
0.52 Gallon
1.3 Gallon
2.6 Gallon